Core Sound Trees
all season decorations
fold flat for storage

These artificial trees are VERY easy to store from year to year. They fold flat -- with lights attached! Just hang them on the wall in your garage, attic or basement from one holiday to the next.

To set up your LIGHTED Core Sound Tree:

Choose where your tree will be placed.

1. Remove the white twist ties that are holding the outer edge of the tree panels together.

2. Carefully open up the tree, making sure that the bottom row of lights is free and not caught underneath the bottom edge of the panels.

3. Fan the two outer panels around until they meet. Attach together in several places with the green twist ties - beginning at the top and continuing to the bottom.

For outdoor use, secure outer edge of each panel to ground with pegs, supplied.

TO STORE TREE: reverse above procedure. Tree folds flat for storage.

To set up your Core Sound Tree as a hanging, wall mounted tree:

Open tree halfway, to a flat position.

Hang on nail or picture hanger. You wil need to adjust the lights by hand, folding and tucking some of the wire into the mesh or looping it over other lights, so that the bottom line of lights do not sag and the tree is evenly lit.


patent number US 6773134